Open Hand Monument

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Location: The Open Hand Monument in Sector 1 of Chandigarh City at the foothills of Himalayas, Shivalik Hills is one of the marvels of its kind in structural creation in the modern world. The Open Hand Monument is visited by people to look at the magnificent metallic structure which is made of metal sheets and resembles a metallic hand pointing towards the sky and working like a wind vane. The structure is 14 meter high and is about 50 tons in weight. It conveys the social message of peace and harmony to all and is also the official emblem of Chandigarh.

Main Highlights (Famous For): Conveying the Harmony and peace message to everyone; structural excellence of the concrete building

Open Hand Monument

Created: Created by the respectable planner and builder Le Corbusier, the Open Hand Monument in the midst of Capitol Complex in Sector 1 in Chandigarh attracts thousands of visitors everyday from all over the country and across the world. This metallic structure resembles like a metallic bird which slowly rotates on the ball bearing. According to the local people, this metallic hand-like structure represents the map of Haryana.

About the place: This wonderful place of attraction in the Chandigarh City does not have any entrance fees for the visitors. Visitors can go this place in the early morning and enjoy the unique structure created by Le Corbusier. This architectural excellence is made of metallic sheets and has a base made of large chunk of iron. This base is buried several meters into the ground so that it could have enough support for the hand and the beam of this metallic hand. It rotates like a weathercock and shows the direction of the wind to the people around. Once a person is in Chandigarh, it is very hard to avoid this astonishing place which is one of the major attractions for the visitors.

Open hand Monument2

How to reach:

By Road: One can enjoy the beautiful road journey to Chandigarh using the national highways. One of them is No.21 joining Kinnaur and Ambala and the other one is No.22 joining Leh and Chandigarh. Various bus facilities are there like the ordinary, deluxe or semi-deluxe buses which join Chandigarh to the other cities around.

By Train: Chandigarh is connected to many important cities. Shatabdi Express and Himalayan Queen are two daily trains which connect Chandigarh with Delhi, the India Capital.

By Air: The airport which is located about 12 kms from the center of the city connects Chandigarh with important places like Delhi, Amritsar and Leh.

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